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Your First Treatment

Acupuncturists don’t treat just the manifestations of a disease. They treat the whole person, bringing an individual back into a state of natural harmony. This is why a Traditional Acupuncturist not only uses needles, but also discusses lifestyle, diet and other factors if they seem out of balance. An unbalanced lifestyle causes instability and eventually may result in poor health. It is an acupuncturist’s intention to restore balance to his or her client, eventually restoring health.

During an initial consultation, the patient is asked to explain what their ailment means to them, personally, from a physical and emotional point-of-view.

Western disease labels or names are not so important to an acupuncturist because he/she works on the root of the problem, not just the manifestation.

During your first visit, Peter will need to gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint and your general health and lifestyle. He will ask questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as things like your sleeping pattern, appetite and digestion, and your emotional well-being. Women are also asked about their menstrual cycle.

You might feel that some questions appear unrelated to your condition but the information you give helps Peter form a holistic picture of your health and lifestyle. He will also take your pulse on both wrists and examine your tongue, and feel for areas of muscular tension or pain, should that be necessary.

Over the course of your treatment, Peter will suggest ways in which you can enhance its long-term effects. This may involve making changes to your diet and daily routine. The importance of lifestyle and diet in the promotion of good health cannot be overstated.

Most people find acupuncture relaxing and often feel very calm after a treatment. You may feel a little tired or sleepy and should take this into account if you are planning to drive or use heavy machinery immediately after your treatment.

You should refrain from vigorous exercise after treatment and give yourself a little time to rest. It is also advisable not to drink alcohol for several hours after treatment.
Acupuncture is very safe and has few side effects. Any that do occur are usually mild and self-correcting.

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