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This system of Qigong was developed by Taoist monks in China over 1,800 years ago. Qigong (pronounced chee gong) has been part of the Chinese healthcare system for many thousands of years. Like acupuncture, it has stood the test of time. Qigong is a highly developed system of exercises, used to restore health, improve health and maintain health. It is suitable for all ages, irrespective of fitness. 

Initially the exercises are simple. They are designed to bring relaxation and balance back to a person's mind, body and health. Qigong exercises develop into beautiful, choreographed movements of relaxed complexity. The principal Wild Goose form takes around twenty minutes to complete, giving the human body and mind a complete system of exercise to promote good health.

Wild Goose Qigong

Qigong Therapy

A combination of acupuncture and Qigong can be an effective way to manage many chronic diseases, especially back pain. Peter agrees with the findings of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence into lower back pain treatment by acupuncture. He often gives his patients specific Qigong exercises to supplement their acupuncture treatment.

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